Hydroclimate Data Retriever

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HyRiver (formerly named hydrodata) is a software stack consisting of seven Python libraries that are designed to aid in watershed analysis through web services. Currently, this project only includes hydrology and climatology data within the US.

You can watch this videos for a quick overview of HyRiver:

High-level APIs for accessing some pre-configured web services

Navigate and subset mid- and high-res NHD, NHDPlus, and NHDPlus VAA using WaterData, NLDI, ScienceBase, and The National Map web services.

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Access NWIS, NID, HCDN 2009, NLCD, and SSEBop databases.

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Access topographic data through The National Map’s 3DEP web service.

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Access Daymet for daily, monthly and annual summaries of climate data at 1-km scale for both single pixels and gridded.

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Low-level APIs for connecting to supported web service protocols

Send queries to and receive responses from any ArcGIS RESTful-, WMS-, and WFS-based services.

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Convert responses from PyGeoOGC’s supported web services protocols into geospatial and raster datasets.

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Asynchronous send/receive requests with persistent caching.

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