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Split Catchment with PyGeoAPI

from pynhd import PyGeoAPI

PyGeoAPI service provides four functionalities:

  1. flow_trace: Trace flow from a starting point to up/downstream direction.

  2. split_catchment: Split the local catchment of a point of interest at the point’s location.

  3. elevation_profile: Extract elevation profile along a flow path between two points.

  4. cross_section: Extract cross-section at a point of interest along a flow line.

Let’s take a look at them in an example.

We can pass the coordinates of a point of interest in any CRS. The flow_trace function returns the closest up/downstream flowline to the point of interest. If we set the raindrop argument to True the direction will be automatically set to none.

pygeoapi = PyGeoAPI()

trace = pygeoapi.flow_trace(
    (1774209.63, 856381.68), crs="ESRI:102003", raindrop=True, direction="none"

In the split_catchment function we can set upstream to True to get the entire upstream catchments not just the splitted local catchments.

split = pygeoapi.split_catchment((-73.82705, 43.29139), crs="epsg:4326", upstream=False)
ax = split.plot(figsize=(8, 8), facecolor="lightgrey", edgecolor="black", alpha=0.8)
trace.plot(ax=ax, color="b", linewidth=3.0)
ax.set_title("Splitted Catchment")
ax.figure.savefig("_static/split_catchment.png", bbox_inches="tight", facecolor="w", dpi=100)

The elevation_profile function return the elevation profile along a flow path between two points at a given number of points and a specified resolution for DEM.

profile = pygeoapi.elevation_profile(
    [(-103.801086, 40.26772), (-103.80097, 40.270568)], numpts=101, dem_res=1, crs="epsg:4326"
ax = profile[["distance", "elevation"]].plot(
    x="distance", y="elevation", color="b", linewidth=3.0, figsize=(12, 4)
ax.set_ylim(1280, 1320)
ax.legend(["Elevation Profile"])

The cross_section function extract the cross-section within a buffer distance from a point of interest along a flow line and at a given number of points.

section = pygeoapi.cross_section((-103.80119, 40.2684), width=1000.0, numpts=101, crs="epsg:4326")
ax = section[["distance", "elevation"]].plot(
    x="distance", y="elevation", color="b", linewidth=3.0, figsize=(10, 5)
ax.legend(["Cross Section"])