Accessing watershed boundary-level data through web services.

Module Contents#

class pygeohydro.watershed.WBD(layer, outfields='*', crs=4326)#

Access Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD).


This web service offers Hydrologic Unit (HU) polygon boundaries for the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For more info visit:

  • layer (str, optional) – A valid service layer. Valid layers are:

    • wbdline

    • huc2

    • huc4

    • huc6

    • huc8

    • huc10

    • huc12

    • huc14

    • huc16

  • outfields (str or list, optional) – Target field name(s), default to “*” i.e., all the fields.

  • crs (str, int, or pyproj.CRS, optional) – Target spatial reference, default to EPSG:4326.


Get the full watershed boundary for a given HUC level.


This function is designed for cases where the full watershed boundary is needed for a given HUC level. If only a subset of the HUCs is needed, then use the pygeohydro.WBD class. The full dataset is downloaded from the National Maps’ WBD staged products.


huc_lvl (int) – HUC level, must be even numbers between 2 and 16.


geopandas.GeoDataFrame – The full watershed boundary for the given HUC level.


Get monthly water use for irrigation at HUC12-level for CONUS.


Dataset is retrieved from