0.16.2 (2024-XX-XX)#

Internal Changes#

  • Remove the deprecated AirMap URL.

0.16.1 (2024-01-15)#

Bug Fixes#

  • pyproj uses its own env variables for SSL certification. This release fixes the issue with pyproj not being able to download the grid database when using DOI SSL certification file. This release uses pyproj.network.set_ca_bundle_path for setting the SSL certification file given by the user via HYRIVER_SSL_CERT env variable.

  • Fix an issue in WFS.getfeature_byid where the max_nrecords argument was not being used correctly, thus resulting in large requests to fail.

Internal Changes#

  • For ServiceURL class, use dataclass instead for better performance and consistency.

0.16.0 (2024-01-03)#

New Features#

  • Add a new arg to WMS.getmap_bybox called tiff_dir for storing the responses from a WMS request as a GeoTIFF file on disk instead of keeping all responses in memory. When this arg is given the function return a list of paths to these files. This is useful for large requests where the response is too large to be kept in memory. You can create a VRT file from these files using pygeoutils.gtiff2vrt function.

0.15.2 (2023-09-22)#

New Features#

  • Added RESTfulURLs for FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer (NFHL) service. Contributed by Fernando Aristizabal. (PR 62)

  • Now, RetrySession can be used as a context manager. This is useful for closing the session after using it. For example:

from pygeoogc import RetrySession

with RetrySession() as session:
    r = session.get("https://httpbin.org/get").json()

Internal Changes#

  • Improve the example in the docstring of traverse_json function.

  • Improve exception handling in the ArcGISRESTful class and return a more informative error message.

0.15.1 (2023-08-02)#

From release 0.15 onward, all minor versions of HyRiver packages will be pinned. This ensures that previous minor versions of HyRiver packages cannot be installed with later minor releases. For example, if you have pygeoogc==0.14.x installed, you cannot install pygeoogc==0.15.x series. This is to ensure that the API is consistent across all minor versions.

New Features#

  • Add the STN Flood Event Data URL to the list of RESTfuls. Contributed by Fernando Aristizabal. (PR 59)

  • Add the link for the eHydro’s web service.

0.15.0 (2023-05-07)#

From release 0.15 onward, all minor versions of HyRiver packages will be pinned. This ensures that previous minor versions of HyRiver packages cannot be installed with later minor releases. For example, if you have pygeoogc==0.14.x installed, you cannot install pygeoogc==0.15.x series. This is to ensure that the API is consistent across all minor versions.

New Features#

  • For now, retain compatibility with shapely<2 while supporting shapley>=2.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an issue in WFS where the getfeature_bygeom method fails if the requested web service does not have geometry_column attribute in its schema. This release addresses this issue by trying to find the name from other attributes in the schema. If it fails to find, it raises a ValueError.

  • Catch an edge case in match_crs function where the input is a list of coordinates of length 4.

  • Give precedence to non-default arguments for caching related arguments instead of directly getting them from env variables. This is to avoid the case where the user sets the env variables but then passes different arguments to the function. In this case, the function should use the passed arguments instead of the env variables.

Internal Changes#

  • Remove pyyaml as a dependency since it is not used anymore.

0.14.0 (2023-03-05)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Bump the minimum required version of shapely to 2.0, and use its new API.

Internal Changes#

  • Sync all minor versions of HyRiver packages to 0.14.0.

0.13.12 (2023-02-10)#

New Features#

  • Make match_crs less strict in terms of the input geometry type being tuple or list by relying on shapely and contextlib.suppress. So, now users can pass any combination of list or tuple as coordinates or bounding box.

  • More robust handling of inputs and outputs in streaming_download. Now, only if input is str the function returns a single Path object. Previously if there was only one URL, whether list of length one or str, the output was a single Path, which could have had unintended consequences.

Bug Fixes#

  • In WFS when some layers have missing schema info, the class failed to initialize. This release fixes this issue by ignoring layers with missing schema info and asks the user to pass a sort parameter instead of trying to automatically find a sort parameter. This fix also improves the performance of this function by making fewer web requests.

Internal Changes#

  • Fully migrate setup.cfg and setup.py to pyproject.toml.

  • Convert relative imports to absolute with absolufy-imports.

  • Sync all patch versions of HyRiver packages to x.x.12.

0.13.10 (2023-01-08)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Remove all Python 3.9 type-annotation-style in the codebase except for function signatures to ensure compatibility with Python 3.8. (GH 57, PR 58). Thanks to Tim Cera for reporting and fixing the issue.

Internal Changes#

  • Use pyright for type checking instead of mypy since it is faster and more accurate. Also, fix all the type errors reported by pyright.

  • Improve code quality by addressing issues raised by DeepSource.

0.13.9 (2022-12-15)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Add the missing annotation import to the cache_keys to ensure Python 3.8 and 3.9 work with Python 3.10 style type hinting.

0.13.8 (2022-12-09)#

New Features#

  • Add a new property to WFS class called schema that contains information about column names and their types for all layers. It also the geometry type and its name for each layer.

  • Automatically determine the geometry keyword that should be passed to WFS.getfeature_bygeom using the new schema property of WFS.

  • Add support for disabling SSL verification to RetrySession via ssl parameter.

  • Add support for streaming responses to RetrySession via stream parameter to get and post methods.

  • Add support for closing the session to RetrySession via close method.

  • Add support for passing params, data, and json to RetrySession via get and post methods. Previously, keyword payload was used for params in get and data in post. Now, params and data can also be passed as keyword arguments to these methods.

  • Add a new function called streaming_download for downloading large files in parallel and in chunks.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an issue in WFS class where number of requested features exceeds the maximum number of features allowed by the server, but only a portion of the features are returned. This release addresses this issue by first getting only the number of features and then requesting the features in chunks of features IDs based on the maximum number of features allowed by the server.

Internal Changes#

  • Drop support for WFS version 1.0.0 since it does not support paging.

  • Modify the codebase based on Refurb suggestions.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix the warning message in ArcGISRESTFul where wrong number of missing feature IDs were being reported.

0.13.7 (2022-11-04)#

New Features#

  • Add a new method to RetrySession for getting the request head called RetrySession.head. This is useful for getting the headers of a request without having to make a full request which is useful for getting the Content-Length header for example, i.e., download size.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix an issue in the decompose function, utils.bbox_decompose, where the generated bounding boxes might overlap in some cases. A new approach has been implemented based on finding the number of required bounding boxes from max allowable no. of pixels and total requested pixels without changing the input bounding box projection. This ensures that the decomposed bounding boxes are not overlapping so xarray.open_mfdataset can be used without any issues.

Internal Changes#

  • In the utils.match_crs function, don’t perform any projection if the source target CRS are the same.

  • Improve type hints for CRS-related arguments of all functions by including string, integer, and pyproj.CRS types.

  • Add a new class method to WMSBase and WFSBase classes called get_service_options for retrieving the available layers, output formats, and CRSs for a given service. Here’s an example:

  • Use pyupgrade package to update the type hinting annotations to Python 3.10 style.

from pygeoogc.core import WMSBase

url = "https://elevation.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/3DEPElevation/ImageServer/WMSServer"
wms = WMSBase(url, validation=False)

0.13.6 (2022-08-30)#

Internal Changes#

  • Add the missing PyPi classifiers for the supported Python versions.

0.13.5 (2022-08-29)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Append “Error” to all exception classes for conforming to PEP-8 naming conventions.

Internal Changes#

  • Bump minimum version of owslib to 0.27.2 since the pyproj incompatibility issue has been addressed in this issue.

  • Bump minimum version of requests-cache to 0.9.6 since the attrs version issue has been addressed.

0.13.3 (2022-07-31)#

New Features#

  • Add support for disabling persistent caching in RetrySession via an argument and also HYRIVER_CACHE_DISABLE environmental variable.

0.13.2 (2022-06-14)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Set the minimum supported version of Python to 3.8 since many of the dependencies such as xarray, pandas, rioxarray have dropped support for Python 3.7.

  • Pin owslib to version <0.26 since version 0.26 has pinned pyproj to version <3.3 which is not compatible with rasterio on macOS.

Internal Changes#

  • Use micromamba for running tests and use nox for linting in CI.

0.13.1 (2022-06-11)#

New Features#

  • More robust handling of errors in ArcGISRESTful by catching None responses. Also, use the POST method for ArcGISRESTful.bysql since the SQL Clause could be a long string.

0.13.0 (2022-04-03)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove caching-related arguments from all functions since now they can be set globally via three environmental variables:

    • HYRIVER_CACHE_NAME: Path to the caching SQLite database.

    • HYRIVER_CACHE_EXPIRE: Expiration time for cached requests in seconds.

    • HYRIVER_CACHE_DISABLE: Disable reading/writing from/to the cache file.

    You can do this like so:

import os

os.environ["HYRIVER_CACHE_NAME"] = "path/to/file.sqlite"
os.environ["HYRIVER_CACHE_EXPIRE"] = "3600"
os.environ["HYRIVER_CACHE_DISABLE"] = "true"

Bug Fixes#

  • In ArcGISRESTful.oids_byfield convert the input ids to a list if a user passes a single id.

Internal Changes#

  • Refactor ServicURL to hard code the supported links instead of reading them from a file. Also, the class now is based on NamedTuple that has a nicer __repr__.

0.12.2 (2022-01-15)#

New Features#

  • Make validate_crs public that can be accessed from the utils module. This is useful for checking validity of user input CRS values and getting its string representation.

  • Add pygeoogc.utils.valid_wms_crs function for getting a list of valid CRS values from a WMS service.

  • Add 3DEP’s index WFS service for querying availability of 3DEP data within a bounding box.

Internal Changes#

  • Add type checking with typeguard and fixed typing issues raised by typeguard.

  • Refactor show_versions to ensure getting correct versions of all dependencies.

0.12.1 (2021-12-31)#

Internal Changes#

  • Use the three new ar.retrieve_* functions instead of the old ar.retrieve function to improve type hinting and to make the API more consistent.

0.12.0 (2021-12-27)#

New Features#

  • Add a new argument to ArcGISRESTful called verbose to turn on/off all info level logs.

  • Add an option to ArcGISRESTful.get_features called get_geometry to turn on/off requesting the data with or without geometry.

  • Now, ArcGISRESTful saves the object IDs of the features that user requested but are not available in the database to ./cache/failed_request_ids.txt.

  • Add a new parameter to ArcGISRESTful called disable_retry that If True in case there are any failed queries, no retrying attempts is done and object IDs of the failed requests are saved to a text file which its path can be accessed via ArcGISRESTful.client.failed_path.

  • Set response caching expiration time to never expire, for all base classes. A new argument has been added to all three base classes called expire_after that can be used to set the expiration time.

  • Add a new method to all three base classes called clear_cache that clears all cached responses for that specific client.

Breaking Changes#

  • All oids_by* methods of ArcGISRESTful class now return a list of object IDs rather than setting self.featureids. This makes it possible to pass the outputs of the oids_by* functions directly to the get_features method.

Internal Changes#

  • Make ArcGISRESTful less cluttered by instantiating ArcGISRESTfulBase in the init method of ArcGISRESTful rather than inheriting from its base class.

  • Explicitly set a minimum value of 1 for the maximum number of feature IDs per request in ArcGISRESTful, i.e., self.max_nrecords.

  • Add all the missing types so mypy --strict passes.

0.11.7 (2021-11-09)#

Breaking Changes#

  • Remove the onlyipv4 method from RetrySession since it can be easily be achieved using with unittest.mock.patch("socket.has_ipv6", False):.

Internal Changes#

  • Use the geoms method for iterating over geometries to address the deprecation warning of shapely.

  • Use importlib-metadata for getting the version instead of pkg_resources to decrease import time as discussed in this issue.

  • Remove unnecessary dependency on simplejson and use ujson instead.

0.11.5 (2021-09-09)#

Bug Fixes#

  • Update the code to use the latest requsts-cache API.

0.11.4 (2021-08-26)#

New Features#

0.11.3 (2021-08-21)#

Internal Changes#

  • Fix a bug in WFS.getfeature_byid when the number of IDs exceeds the service’s limit by splitting large requests into multiple smaller requests.

  • Add two new arguments, max_nrecords and read_method, to WFS to control the maximum number of records per request (defaults to 1000) and specify the response read method (defaults to json), respectively.

0.11.2 (2021-08-19)#

Internal Changes#

  • Simplify the retry logic ArcGISRESTFul by making it run four times and making sure that the last retry is one object ID per request.

0.11.1 (2021-07-31)#

The highlight of this release is migrating to use AsyncRetriever that can improve the network response time significantly. Another highlight is a major refactoring of ArcGISRESTFul that improves performance and reduce code complexity.

New Features#

  • Add a new method to ArcGISRESTFul class for automatically retrying the failed requests. This private method plucks out individual features that were in a failed request with several features. This happens when there are some object IDs that are not available on the server, and they are included in the request. In these situations the request will fail, although there are valid object IDs in the request. This method will pluck out the valid object IDs.

  • Add support for passing additional parameters to WMS requests such as styles.

  • Add support for WFS version 1.0.0.

Internal Changes#

  • Migrate to AsyncRetriever from requests-cache for all the web services.

  • Rename ServiceError to ServiceUnavailable and ServerError to ServiceError Since it’s more representative of the intended exception.

  • Raise for response status in RetrySession before the try-except block so RequestsException can raise, and its error messaged be parsed.

  • Deprecate utils.threading since all threading operations are now handled by AsyncRetriever.

  • Increase test coverage.

0.11.0 (2021-06-18)#

New Features#

  • Add support for requesting LineString polygon for ArcGISRESTful.

  • Add a new argument called distance to ArcGISRESTful.oids_bygeom for specifying the buffer distance from the input geometry for getting features.

Breaking Changes#

  • Drop support for Python 3.6 since many of the dependencies such as xarray and pandas have done so.

  • Remove async_requests function, since it has been packaged as a new Python library called AsyncRetriever.

  • Refactor MatchCRS. Now, it should be instantiated by providing the in and out CRSs like so: MatchCRS(in_crs, out_crs). Then its methods, namely, geometry, bounds and coords, can be called. These methods now have only one input, geometry.

  • Change input and output types of MatchCRS.coords from tuple of lists of coordinates to list of (x, y) coordinates.

  • ArcGISRESTful now has a new argument, layer, for specifying the layer number (int). Now, the target layer should either be a part of base_url or be passed with layer argument.

  • Move the spatial_relation argument from ArcGISRESTful class to oids_bygeom method, since that’s where it’s applicable.

Internal Changes#

  • Refactor ArcGISRESTfulBase class to reduce its code complexity and make the service initialization logic much simpler. The class is faster since it makes fewer requests during the initialization process.

  • Add pydantic as a new dependency that takes care of ArcGISRESTfulBase validation.

  • Use persistent caching for all send/receive requests that can significantly improve the network response time.

  • Explicitly include all the hard dependencies in setup.cfg.

  • Set a default value of 1000 for max_nrecords in ArcGISRESTfulBase.

  • Use dataclass for WMSBase and WFSBase since support for Python 3.6 is dropped.

0.10.1 (2021-03-27)#

  • Add announcement regarding the new name for the software stack, HyRiver.

  • Improve pip installation and release workflow.

0.10.0 (2021-03-06)#

  • The first release after renaming hydrodata to PyGeoHydro.

  • Fix extent property of ArcGISRESTful being set to None incorrectly.

  • Add feature types property to ArcGISRESTFul for getting names and IDs of types of features in the database.

  • Replace cElementTree with ElementTree since it’s been deprecated by defusedxml.

  • Remove dependency on dataclasses since its benefits and usage in the code was minimal.

  • Speed up CI testing by using mamba and caching.

  • ArcGISRESTFull now prints number of found features before attempting to retrieve them.

  • Use logging module for printing information.

0.9.0 (2021-02-14)#

  • Bump version to the same version as PyGeoHydro.

  • Add support for query by point and multi-points to ArcGISRESTful.bygeom.

  • Add support for buffer distance to ArcGISRESTful.bygeom.

  • Add support for generating ESRI-based queries for points and multi-points to ESRIGeomQuery.

  • Add all the missing type annotations.

  • Update the Daymet URL to version 4. You can check the release information here

  • Use cytoolz library for improving performance of some operations.

  • Add extent property to ArcGISRESTful class that get the spatial extent of the service.

  • Add URL to airmap service for getting elevation data at 30 m resolution.

0.2.3 (2020-12-19)#

  • Fix urlib3 deprecation warning about using method_whitelist.

0.2.2 (2020-12-05)#

  • Remove unused variables in async_requests and use max_workers.

  • Fix the async_requests issue on Windows systems.

0.2.0 (2020-12-06)#

  • Added/Renamed three class methods in ArcGISRESTful: oids_bygeom, oids_byfield, and oids_bysql. So you can query feature within a geometry, using specific field ID(s), or more generally using any valid SQL 92 WHERE clause.

  • Added support for query with SQL WHERE clause to ArcGISRESTful.

  • Changed the NLDI’s URL for migrating to its new API v3.

  • Added support for CQL filter to WFS, credits to Emilio.

  • Moved all the web services URLs to a YAML file that ServiceURL class reads. It makes managing the new URLs easier. The file is located at pygeoogc/static/urls.yml.

  • Turned off threading by default for all the services since not all web services supports it.

  • Added support for setting the request method, GET or POST, for WFS.byfilter, which could be useful when the filter string is long.

  • Added support for asynchronous download via the function async_requests.

0.1.10 (2020-08-18)#

  • Improved bbox_decompose to fix the WMS issue with high resolution requests.

  • Replaces simplejson with orjson to speed up JSON operations.

0.1.8 (2020-08-12)#

  • Removed threading for WMS due to inconsistent behavior.

  • Addressed an issue with domain decomposition for WMS where width/height becomes 0.

0.1.7 (2020-08-11)#

  • Renamed vsplit_bbox to bbox_decompose. The function now decomposes the domain in both directions and return squares and rectangular.

0.1.5 (2020-07-23)#

  • Re-wrote wms_bybox function as a class called WMS with a similar interface to the WFS class.

  • Added support for WMS 1.3.0 and WFS 2.0.0.

  • Added a custom Exception for the threading function called ThreadingException.

  • Add always_xy flag to WMS and WFS which is False by default. It is useful for cases where a web service doesn’t change the axis order from the transitional xy to yx for versions higher than 1.3.0.

0.1.3 (2020-07-21)#

  • Remove unnecessary transformation of the input bbox in WFS.

  • Use setuptools_scm for versioning.

0.1.2 (2020-07-16)#

  • Add the missing max_pixel argument to the wms_bybox function.

  • Change the onlyIPv4 method of RetrySession class to onlyipv4 to conform to the snake_case convention.

  • Improve docstrings.

0.1.1 (2020-07-15)#

  • Initial release.